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  • Web-based Intuitive Interface

  • Customizable Lease Forms

  • Automated Notifications and Reminders

  • Attach Any Type Of Files

  • Manage Insurance Policies

  • Share Vacant Space Information with

  • Track Maintenance History

  • Batch Processing


leasing 1.png

Analyze Portfolio With
Color-coded Maps

Maintain detailed user-defined information about all properties in one database.

Color-code space by occupants type, availability, square footage, number of rooms, and more.

Manage Remote Locations

Manage facilities nationwide or around the globe. Click on a mapped location to drill down into regional and individual properties and view the information associated with them. Track vital leasing terms and property details, such as lessee vs lessor responsibilities, visualizing all information in one convenient place. Attach lease briefs and abstracts
to properties.

leasing 2.png
leasing 3.png

Critical Dates Tracking

Receive automated notifications for renewal, expiration and service dates.

Customized email notifications alert any user group of important developments.


  • Improve response time to tenant requests and simplify adherence to contract requirements with automated reminders.

  • Give potential clients and business partners online access to floor plans to reduce vacancies and enhance communication.

  • Increase renewal rates by capitalizing on productivity records. Amplify opportunities through customized information and controlled access levels.


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