Moves Management

Duplicate floor plans for moves. Drag and drop employees. Identify available space and generate move records. Flag assets for relocation...
  • Web-based Intuitive Interface

  • Unlimited Assets

  • Custom User Preferences

  • User-Defined Fields

  • Attachments

  • Notifications and Reminders

  • Drag and Drop

  • Color-Coded Floor Plans

  • Mass Update

  • Batch Processing

  • Email Technical Drawings

  • Toggle Asset Layers On or Off


moves management 1.png

Color-code Available Space

Distinguish occupied from unoccupied space with color-coded floor plans. Visually filter space by any user defined attribute, including department, size, business unit, and equipment. Assign colors to departments and areas with specific attributes. Allows for simplified planning and visual representations.

Plan Moves With Multiple Move Scenarios

Move facility employees, walls, cubicles and furniture over the web, eliminating the need for draftsmen and keeping everything within your control. Flag the furniture and equipment to be used for relocation, and create multiple alternatives of floor plans to determine optimal layouts. Easily locate the IT infrastructure required for moves. Communicate location information with engineering, IT, and maintenance.

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moves management 3.png

Create Moves Related

Work Orders

Assign tasks to all personnel involved in the move. Schedule work orders ahead of time and send participants notifications with a floor plan.

Drag-and-Drop Manipulation

Drag-and-drop employees between offices, cubicles or floor plans. All space allocation reports will be automatically updated with the latest data.

moves management 4.png


  • Minimize move delays and errors with a centralized planning source, improving communication by providing real-time data to all project members over the web. Reduce the preparation time needed for large moves.

  • Significantly reduce costly AutoCAD design fees with StackFM’s user friendly interface. Avoid costly reconfiguration projects with precise space and layout measurements.

  • Maximize the use of existing space before acquiring new space. Increase the utilization of underperforming facilities.