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Educational Institutions

Instant access to measurements of campus space, easily updatable evacuation routes and emergency contacts...
  • Instant access to measurements of campus space

  • Color-coded distribution of classrooms and departments

  • Easily update evacuation routes and emergency contacts

  • Print, email and publish up-to-date campus maps

  • Click on a room to view furniture and audio-visual equipment


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Assets Tracking

Track employees, furniture, offices, equipment and your other essential assets directly over floor plans. Manage security, safety and emergency preparedness needs such as evacuation routes, fire extinguishers, emergency shut-offs and more.

Security & Safety Preparedness

Increase campus security and safety. Reduce the number of incidents by identifying incident trends. Visually communicate your efforts to law enforcement and other involved parties.

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Schedule office and room availability. Manage work-orders with their exact location and life cycle with automatic setup of notifications and alerts, ensuring you never miss an important service date or insurance renewal date.

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