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Safety & Security

Manage safety & security related assets and procedures. Schedule timely inspections and maintenance...
  • Web-based Intuitive Interface

  • Unlimited Users and Properties

  • CCTV Mapping and Control

  • Exact Measurements

  • Attach Safety Procedures Directly To Any Relevant Asset

  • Automated Notifications For Code Compliance

  • Drag and Drop

  • Risk Assessment Color-Coded Floor Plans and Maps

  • Location-Based Incident Reporting

  • Daily Activities Logs

  • Timely Identification of Dangerous Trends

  • Share Data with Emergency Providers


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Manage Multiple Properties

Manage safety & security data of various facility types - commercial, residential, education, etc.

Access daily activities logs and incidents for each property, all in one database

Never Forget Significant Dates

Store and filter important dates. Automate renewal of insurances, warranties, and other essential documents.

Setup automated notifications for the expiration of important certifications, such as guards cards and CPR training.

Never miss a code mandated inspection.

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safety 3.png

Work with Up-To-Date and Accurate Floor Plans

Map CCTV cameras to their coverage areas. Link sprinkler shut-off valves to the sprinkler zones they control.

Receive instant space measurement of any property area, at any time. Share drawings and floor plans in perfect resolution to emergency responders and other involved parties.


  • Quickly access any asset with its user-defined fields and print high-quality, color-coded maps displaying location at minimal cost.

  • Notifications ensure that important dates pertaining to your assets are never missed, such as insurance renewals or warranty expiration dates.

  • Generate personalized reports at the click of a button, and share real-time information with unlimited numbers of users.


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