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Hospitality (Hotels and Resorts)

Instant access to measurements of hotel rooms and other spaces, kitchen equipment management and maintenance over accurate floor plans...
  • Instant access to measurements of hotel rooms and spaces

  • Shortened planning cycles

  • Visualize room inventory and room design finishes

  • Kitchen equipment management over accurate floor plans

  • Manage all engineering requirements including HVAC, electrical, water and gas


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Assets Management

Track rooms, occupancy, furniture, and other essential assets directly over floor plans. Manage security, safety and emergency preparedness needs such as evacuation routes, cameras, emergency shut-offs and more.

Space Planning

Create multiple special event layouts and share it with prospects over the web. Plan long term space planning for maximizing hotel revenue.

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Schedule office and room maintenance. Manage work-orders with their life cycle and exact location.

Setup automatic notifications and alerts to ensure you never miss an important service date or insurance renewal.

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