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Work Requests

Simplify the workflow process. Record asset maintenance history. Manage Service dates and warranties. Keep your maintenance staff aware of the status and progress of your work requests…
  • Monitor Work Requests from a Single Dashboard

  • Custom User-Access Levels

  • Status Reports

  • Custom Priority Levels

  • Attach Assets to Work Requests

  • Notifications and Reminders

  • Group Work Requests into Projects

  • Assign Work Requests to Drawings

  • Track Work Requests History

  • Export Data to Spreadsheets

  • Attach Files to Work Requests

  • Accessibility on Various Devices


Customizable Templates and Workflow

Fully customize work order templates by adding a variety of data fields. Efficiently collect only pertinent information. Increase productivity by simplifying or modifying the workflow process to suit your specific business rules. Customizable life cycle allows for handling of a wide variety of work orders.

Specialized Work Orders Reports

Run various Reports, in order to easily track the Work Requests and ensure they are being handled with maximum efficiency. Access to Specialized Reports and ability to create custom ones is vital to monitor your own KPIs and plan preventative maintenance. All reports and charts are exportable.

Effortless Communication

Conversation between personnel, vendors and supervisors is vital for smooth handling of the Work Requests. Preset event driven push notifications allows for timely flow of information. Email a PDF of the Work Request to the desired person. Add appropriate Comments to the Work Requests to share important information.


  • Computerizing your Work Order Management will greatly improve the operating and administrative efficiencies and help reduce the costs.

  • Automated push notifications of status changes will keep all personnel instantly updated.

  • Various detailed Reports will deliver the data you require with the click of a button, in order to effectively manage your facility.

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