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Space Planning

Plan and explore different ways to rearrange and make the most out of your space. Identify available space on color-coded floor plans. Precise measurements and multiple planning scenarios. Custom space and forecasting reports...
  • Web-based Intuitive Interface

  • Vector Graphic Floor Plans

  • Attachments

  • Scenario Planning

  • Searchable Directory

  • Graphical Icons

  • Drag-and-Drop Manipulation

  • Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Mass Update

  • Batch Processing Tools

  • Print and Email Floor Plans

  • Collaborate with Team Members


Space Allocation

The interactive floor plans let you easily manage your entire space in real-time and allow you to make future plans. Corporate real estate management benefits from color-coding by department, occupancy, space type… any criteria that makes sense to the user.

Space Utilization and Chargebacks

Customized dashboard displays multiple “one-click” reports simultaneously. Monitor vital KPI’s specifically relevant to your organization. Create detailed and easy to read charge-back reports. Reduce ineffective space usage and reduce costs.

Multiple Layouts with
CAD Measurements

Maintain multiple layouts and manage multifunction spaces. Allows for effortless event management. Space planning with instant access to accurate measurements and detailed floor plan layouts. Use on-screen tools to gather spatial information about remote facilities.


  • Effective space management software offers better management of how spaces are used that can save on unnecessary costs. 

  • Space management software allows facility managers to access all floor plans in one centralized system in order to monitor space usage and plan future changes.

  • Generate personalized reports at the click of a button, and monitor your specific KPI's.

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