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Commercial Real Estate

Manage rental properties across several locations in one centralized database...
  • Manage all rental properties in one centralized database

  • Track lease briefs, important contract dates and obligations

  • Quickly locate available or vacant rental space

  • Precise measurement of interior plans and property grounds

  • Organize vendor and supplier information for each property

  • Print, share up-to-date directories, floor plans, and maps

  • Directly update and manage critical operational information from floor plans such as lighting , surveillance cameras, and landscaping


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Lease Tracking

Manage facilities nationwide or around the globe. Click on a mapped location to drill down into regional and individual properties and view the information associated with them. Track vital leasing terms and property details, such as lessee vs lessor responsibilities, visualizing all information in one convenient place. Attach lease briefs and abstracts to properties.

Space Planning

Plan property layout changes and renovations to maximize total rental space.

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Manage work orders, preventive maintenance, and track warranty expiration dates with automated notifications.

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