Space Planning

Identify available space on color-coded floor plans. Precise measurements and multiple planning scenarios. Custom space and forecasting reports...
  • Web-based Intuitive Interface

  • Vector Graphic Floor Plans

  • Attachments

  • User-Defined Fields

  • Searchable Directory

  • Graphical Icons

  • Drag and Drop

  • Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Mass Update

  • Batch Processing

  • Custom Prints at Any Size

  • Collaborate with Team Members


space planning 1.png

Space Allocation and Chargebacks

Corporate real estate management benefits from color-coding by department, occupancy, space type… any criteria that makes sense to the user. Create detailed and easy to read charge-back reports, or simply find allocation inconsistencies.

Space Utilization

Customized dashboard displays multiple “one-click” reports simultaneously. Monitor vital KPI’s specifically relevant to your organization.

space planning 3.png

CAD Measurements

Space planning with instant access to accurate measurements and detailed floor plan layouts. Use on-screen tools to gather spatial information about remote facilities.

Multiple Layouts

Maintain multiple layouts and manage multifunction spaces. Allows for effortless event management.

space planning 4.png


  • Quickly access any asset with its user-defined fields and print high-quality, color-coded maps displaying location at minimal cost.

  • Notifications ensure that important dates pertaining to your assets are never missed, such as insurance renewals or warranty expiration dates.

  • Generate personalized reports at the click of a button, and share real-time information with unlimited numbers of users.