Activities Logs

A centralized system to record and analyze daily activities throughout your organization
  • Web-based Intuitive Interface

  • Unlimited Log Types

  • Various Reporting Points

  • User-Defined Fields

  • Attach Any Type of File

  • Automated Notifications and Reminders

  • Drag and Drop On Floor Plans Or Satellite Maps

  • Complete Reporting Capabilities on Mobile Devices

  • Robust Reporting and Analytical Capabilities

  • Seamless Integration With Other Modules


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Create Log Entries Through Various Channels

Call the dispatcher hot line, or report an activity from your computer.

Be on the go and submit log entries directly from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device with Internet connection.

Intuitive And User-friendly Dispatcher Interface

Keyboard-only capabilities facilitate quick data entry.

Rapidly capture and process multiple communications from the field - put one on the "back burner" while handling another one with higher priority.

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Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Robust reporting and analytical capabilities allow you to create reports based on any criteria such as by log entry type, facility, or time.

Pie and bar charts helps you to visualize daily, weekly, or monthly trends.