dotWeb-based Intuitive Interface

dotVector Graphic Floor Plans


dotUser-Defined Fields

dotSearchable Directory

dotGraphical Icons

dotDrag and Drop

dotCut, Copy and Paste

dotMass Update

dotBatch Processing

dotCustom Prints at Any Size

dotCollaborate with Team Members


space color-coding...

Space Allocation and Chargebacks

Corporate real estate management benefits from color-coding by department, occupancy, space type… any criteria that makes sense to the user. Create detailed and easy to read charge-back reports, or simply find allocation inconsistencies.

Space Utilization

Customized dashboard displays multiple “one-click” reports simultaneously. Monitor vital KPI’s specifically relevant to your organization

CAD Measurements

Space planning with instant access to accurate measurements and detailed floor plan layouts. Use on-screen tools to gather spatial information about remote facilities.

Multiple Layouts

Maintain multiple layouts and manage multifunction spaces. Allows for effortless event management


dot Identify co-location and reallocation opportunities to maximize space efficiency and decrease total occupancy costs.

 dot Save costs with the ability to create your own CAD space layouts.

 dot Retrieve exact measurements for any project from your computer and produce accurate space allocation reports in seconds.