dotMaximize space utilization and shorten space planning cycles

dotShorten the leasing cycle and manage your lease briefs

dotIncrease security and safety and reduce your liability exposure

dotIncrease accuracy when managing maintenance and space

dotSignificantly reduce CAD and printing costs

dotManage more information with less resources

dotFacilities management across your entire portfolio

dotEasily share secure information with external stakeholders

Shopping Centers Banefits

Space Planning

Track available and future spaces within your shopping center. Design new layouts for potential tenants over web-based maps and floor plans.

Assets Tracking

Track employees, stores, tenants, and other essential assets directly over shopping center and floor plans. Manage security, safety and emergency preparedness needs such as evacuation routes, fire extinguishers, emergency shut-offs and more.

Incidents Reporting

Generate accurate reports with a robust analytical engine. Increase facility security and safety and reduce liability exposure by identifying incident trends.